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Luly’s Blog

  • THANKYOU I am blown away by what they’re saying.
    “One of the most impactful programs I have participated in,” said Nicole, a mom of two girls. “It felt like a natural conversation with a friend. Thank you for reminding me that it’s okay to...
  • kill It Can Kill You
    I don’t think a day goes by without a working mom telling me that she feels guilty… But here’s the thing: Guilt is a useless emotion. It’s a feeling that weighs us down and holds...
  • firework I almost didn’t do it.
    When a friend heard about my upcoming launch date for my new audio series, she called me and excitedly asked, “When’s the celebration?” As I ramp up for the big release on November 14, the...

LulyB tv

  • QualityTimeVQuantityofTime_Alina Time with the Kiddos: Quality vs. Quantity
    Quality over quantity, right? Sometimes, following this mama mantra is easier said than done. Being able to pick up the kids from school is a treat, but making them play the quiet game as you...
  • DontWaitTilItsTooLate_Babushka Don’t Wait ‘til it’s Too Late!
    There’s nothing quite as disappointing as realizing you’ve missed an opportunity to do something you love, am I right? That’s why regret is one of those ugly words I try to keep out of my...
  • ThePowerofMakingMethePriority_Lorraine The Power of Making Me a Priority
    I know, I know. It goes against your motherly instinct. But I promise, making you a priority will actually help you take better care of your kids and your business. Taking care of you is...